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Tuition fee

The annual fee in Ferrara ranges from € 156,00 to € 1.914,00 for the first year (€ 2.514,00 from the second year). Tuition fees are calculated on your family income and on credits obtained.
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La quota annuale di contribuzione a Ferrara è compresa tra € 156,00 e € 1.914,00 per il primo anno di corso (€ 2.514,00 dal secondo anno). Le rate sono calcolate in base al reddito familiare e ai crediti ottenuti.
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The Master degree course in Economics, Management and Policies for Global Challenges is divided in two curricula: Small and Medium Enterprises in International Markets and Green Economy and Sustainability.
The Department of Economics and Management is firmly committed to provide international training and education. You can therefore take advantage of various opportunities for learning in an international context, such as:

  • degree programmes entirely delivered in English;
  • active teaching strategies in small groups in order to develop students’ abilities and skills (Problem-Based Learning, Project teaching, Workshops, Case studies…);
  • possibility to combine thesis research and internship or project work;
  • joint study programmes (double degree) with Southern Denmark University (Denmark ) and East Anglia University (UK);
  • 3-year PhD programme in Economics and Management of Innovation and Sustainability – EMIS, structured
  • several projects for studying, training or dissertation research abroad (Erasmus+, Atlante, etc.);
  • orientation and Tutoring service aimed at helping students be informed of academic choices and of academic community;
    The Department of Economics and Management collaborates moreover with Firms and Public Institutions with the aim of developing research in many fields and offering you many chances to work in a stimulating and formative space.

Small and Medium Enterprises in International Markets (SMEs): This is a 2nd cycle degree entirely taught in English, forming graduates who are qualified to assume managerial or consultant positions in SMEs operating in international markets.
You will improve management abilities and skills in order to address international issues in small and medium enterprises. The main topics of SMEs in international markets aim at developing strong skills in the economics areas and performance, organizational and financial management.
Green Economy and Sustainability: This is a 2nd cycle degree entirely taught in English, forming graduates who are qualified to assume managerial or consultant positions in green economy sector.
You will improve interdisciplinary abilities in order to address issues related to green economy and sustainable development.
Moreover, you will acquire skills for being involved in green firm’s management (green innovations), consultancy (environmental policy evaluation, carbon markets) and governmental/NGOs roles (e.g. policy making, policy evaluation, cost benefit analysis).
Challenging eco-policy issues – from both national and international perspectives – are studied as well

Programme structure

Programme structure
Description of the program and further information, can be consulted at the following link

Career opportunities

Career opportunities
Small and Medium Enterprises in International Markets: You will learn to analyse and understand the fundamentals of industrial economics and business administration related to the internationalization of small and medium enterprises. By integrating performance, organizational and financial abilities, you will develop skills that will allow you to take managerial or consultant positions in international markets*.
The Master’s degree SMEs in international markets provides a route to careers towards senior roles for employers such as SMEs and consultants.
You will gain an in-depth understanding of management at an international level, preparing for diversified employment areas and developing your talent for a lasting success over a lifelong career.
Our graduate students may benefit for entering in career development in management consulting, general management marketing and human resource management in SMEs.
In more details, you will have the possibility to work in or as:

  • business start-ups
  • taking over family businesses
  • management functions in SMEs
  • management consultant for SMEs
  • public research institutes
  • venture capital firms and banks
  • PhD research into entrepreneurship and related topics

Green Economy and Sustainability: The purpose of this Master is to prepare you for the global labour market. The MSC in Green economy and sustainability is focused on issues regarding the possible solutions for the environmental challenges of tomorrow. The program combines theory and practice, and you will develop leadership skills from practical experience with project management, which will be useful when working with the subjects in your future career, including issues related to transition of the economy such as eco-innovation, green economy and sustainable development. With this combined background will graduates from the programme when entering the global labour market be well-equipped to work within both national and international organizations.
Through the completion of the MSC in Green economy and sustainability, you will have a wide range of career opportunities. Green economy and sustainable development are worldwide strategic issues both for businesses and public or private institutions. You will gain subject expertise, as well as a practical understanding of how to apply that knowledge to make a difference to businesses and policy-makers.
As a Green economy graduate, you will be prepared to undertake roles such as: Sustainability manager, Green economy advisor, Carbon management advisor, as well as Academic researcher.
In more details, you will have the possibility to work in or as:
  • Management Consultant for Green firms
  • Public Research Institutes
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • General and Operation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Environmental Economist
  • Urban and Regional Planner
  • PhD Research into green related topics