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Tuition fee

The annual fee in Ferrara ranges from € 156,00 to approximately € 2.200,00 per year. Tuition fees are calculated on your family income and on credits obtained.
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La quota annuale di contribuzione a Ferrara è compresa tra € 156,00 e all’incirca € 2.200,00 all’anno. Le rate sono calcolate in base al reddito familiare e ai crediti ottenuti.
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Are you interested in sustainability, renewable energy and related business practices?
Then this Master’s degree is for you.
An international Master’s degree for Italian and non-Italian students, taught entirely in English, that produces graduates qualified to take up management or consultancy positions in the green economy sector.
You will improve your interdisciplinary skills to address issues related to the green economy and sustainable development. You will also acquire skills for roles in green business management (green innovation), consultancy (environmental policy evaluation, carbon markets) and governmental/NGO roles (e.g. policy making, policy evaluation, cost- benefit analysis). Challenging environmental policy issues – from both national and international perspectives – are also studied.
International students are welcome and exchange programmes such as Erasmus+ are strongly encouraged and supported.

Programme structure

The programme was born out of the importance of innovation in general, and eco- innovation in particular, in the transition to a greener, low-carbon economy – one of the goals of the European Union – in line with the principles of the circular economy.
The lessons learnt in our programme fit in perfectly with this perspective, with particular emphasis on issues related to (eco)innovation. The aim is therefore to develop the skills needed to analyse environmental policies and innovation processes, and to assess the economic impact of pursuing the goal of more efficient use of natural resources.
You will find courses in the advanced core areas of environmental economics, environmental law, econometrics and research methods, with the opportunity to choose from an interesting portfolio of optional courses.
You will gain specialist knowledge as well as a practical understanding of how to apply this
knowledge to make a difference for businesses and policy makers.


  • Environmental economics and policy
  • Methodology for research
  • Digital law and environmental sustainability
  • Strategic control and performance management

  • Economic and Business Statistics for Prediction and Classification
  • 1 course between:
    - Project appraisal and cost benefit analysis for the environment
    - Policies for sustainability and the integral development
  • Behavioral economics for the environment


  • Applied econometrics
  • Finance and sustainability
  • 1 course between:
    – Eco-innovations, firm’s performance, and policy
    – Energy and resource economics
  • Economic and business statistic for dimensionality reduction
  • 2 elective courses
  • Internship
  • Spanish Language*

Career opportunities

As a Green Economy graduate, you will be prepared to take on roles such as
Sustainability Manager, Green Economy Consultant, Carbon Management Consultant and
Academic Researcher.
More specifically, you will have the opportunity to work in or as:

  • Management Consultant for Green firms
  • Public Research Institutes
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • General and Operation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Environmental Economist
  • Urban and Regional Planner
  • PhD Research into green related topics
Apply now! Academic year 2024/25
Application deadline
30 Aug 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Applications are temporarily suspended
Apply now! Academic year 2024/25
Application deadline
30 Aug 2024, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Applications are temporarily suspended