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Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra Italy, Via Saragat, 1 - 44122 Ferrara (Italy)
Tuition fee

The annual fee in Ferrara ranges from € 156,00 to € 1.914,00 for the first year (€ 2.514,00 from the second year). Tuition fees are calculated on your family income and on credits obtained.
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La quota annuale di contribuzione a Ferrara è compresa tra € 156,00 e € 1.914,00 per il primo anno di corso (€ 2.514,00 dal secondo anno). Le rate sono calcolate in base al reddito familiare e ai crediti ottenuti.
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For those who want to continue their studies, the Master’s Degree in Physics is the natural continuation of the Bachelor’s Degree in Physics. The aim of the Master’s degree is to provide a solid expertise in classical and modern physics, with particular emphasis on measurements and analysis performed with modern technologies. Graduates will be able to perform research activities, including the design of scientific tools and the development of models and procedures to analyze complex structures.

Programme structure

Programme structure
Description of the program and further information, can be consulted at the following link

Career opportunities

Career opportunities
The Master’s degree aims at completing the Physicist profile, in view of different employment opportunities: for R&D career in private firms, the Degree favors the development of a high level technical profile, that is able to handle both modern and innovative technologies and complex systems, to model and design systems and processes; for the research activity, the graduates have a deep and advanced knowledge in theoretical and experimental physics, and with the degree thesis make a first research work experience, in view of the participation in the PhD program; finally, the Degree course paves the way for both teaching in high schools and lecturing at the University.